Preserving Your Swing

The Shoes That Doctors & Nurses Wear May Be Perfect For Your Non-Medical Job

If you have to stand in one place much of the time at work, you may have trouble finding comfortable footwear. Too many workers go home with aching, tired feet, when that problem could be prevented by wearing the right shoes. Athletic shoes often aren't truly comfortable when standing for long periods of time. If you don't work in a medical facility, you've probably never considered wearing shoes designed for surgeons, nurses and other medical practitioners who stand a lot. It's time to try this footwear on for size. 

Features of Medical Shoes

The first aspect to address might be your worry that these shoes will be unattractive. That may have been the case decades ago, but manufacturers have effectively responded to the demand for stylish, appealing shoes that are appropriate for work in a medical facility.  

Now, consider the functional features. 

Even Support

Medical shoes support your foot in its normal standing position. This design works with the structure of your lower body so that your weight is properly distributed to your legs and back. 

In contrast, running and walking shoes have more cushion in certain places to reduce the effects of impact. That leads to uneven weight distribution when standing relatively still for long periods of time. 

Slip-On Style

If you envision medical practitioners wearing athletic-style shoes, you'll be surprised to see so many slip-on versions while shopping for medical shoes. When these practitioners get the chance, they like to slip their shoes off and let their feet breathe and rest, but they may need to get that footwear back on stat if an emergency call comes in. 

This feature may not be important to you if you don't get the chance to take your shoes off at work -- but then again, you may find the look of this style appealing. 

Breathable Material 

Certain materials are better than others for keeping your feet from getting too warm and for allowing perspiration to evaporate. Leather is the standard for medical shoes. You won't find these shoes in plastic, vinyl or rubber, except for rubber soles. 

Some people simply have problems with excess foot perspiration. If your shoes tend to get damp inside no matter what you do, buy two pairs and rotate between them so the shoes have a chance to dry out thoroughly. 

Concluding Thoughts

You can find medical shoes online and at stores like Scrubs N Stuff that sell scrubs and other clothing and accessories for health care workers. Start shopping and find a pair or two that appeal to you, and then enjoy your new-found comfort at work.