Preserving Your Swing

Recovering From Foot Surgery? Find Pain-Free Mobility With A Knee Scooter

It used to be that when you had surgery on your lower leg, your only option was to use crutches to get around while your injuries healed. But crutches can be problematic for a few reasons. For one, they dig into your armpits. For another, they tend to slip on icy or otherwise slick surfaces. Furthermore, using crutches can be tiring. If you only have to go from the couch to a kitchen, they are not a big deal, but if you have a lot of ground to cover during your day, you should look for other options. A knee scooter might be just what you need to get around comfortably, but you need to make sure you get the right kind of scooter.

It's All about the Wheels

A scooter will have two wheels in front and two wheels in the back. Each set of wheels should be locked in that they will not turn to the left or right. The front wheels should be connected to a steering post so that you can maneuver around obstacles. Moreover, your wheels should have a large diameter, at least four inches. The large diameter will allow you to roll over pebbles, pencils, and other small hazards without stopping your wheels or tipping your scooter over. Locked wheels allow you to roll through gravel, mulch, or sand without your wheels getting all squirrely. 

Don't Forget the Breaks

In order to stop efficiently, especially when you are on a slope, you need a better way to stop your scooter than dragging your feet. Some scooters will only have one set of brakes. For the best stopping control, look for a scooter that has a brake for the front and the rear of your scooter. 

Cushioned Comfort

A third feature you should consider when buying a knee scooter is the bench where you rest your knee. The cushion should have a channel in it to cradle your leg. The last thing you need is for your leg to slip off of the bench. Such slipping can cause pain and detract from proper healing. It might be a little thing, but a cushioned channel can make a big difference in how functional your scooter is. 

Recovering from a leg injury or surgery can take time. Rather than be tied to your crutches for the next few months, you should look into buying or renting a knee scooter. Your purchase can make getting around easier and might just even allow you to have a little fun. Contact a company like KneeRover for more info.