Preserving Your Swing

Why You Need A Wheelchair Accessible Van

A wheelchair accessible van is a big advantage for anyone who wants to make their own life - and the lives of others like caretakers - much easier. You can use your wheelchair accessible van to ride in comfort for everything from supermarket trips to road trips across the country. Here are three reasons that this van will be the best new acquisition that you make this year.

Physical Benefits

When you use a wheelchair accessible van, you will get some physical benefits that you may not have ever thought about. Consider how painful and difficult it can be to squeeze yourself in and out of a smaller vehicle that isn't sized for your wheelchair. You can also avoid the physical strain that transferring yourself out of the wheelchair and into the car seats can cause by using a van that allows you to remain in your wheelchair.

Time Benefits

Having a wheelchair accessible van comes with some time saving benefits. To get a wheelchair bound person into a standard car or truck, you'll have to do several things:

  • Line the wheelchair up with the open vehicle door

  • Transfer from the wheelchair into the vehicle

  • Collapse the wheelchair

  • Place the wheelchair in the vehicle

When you have a van that is already equipped for a wheelchair, you can avoid the trouble of lining the wheelchair up for a transfer, because most wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with a ramp that you can easily ascend and descend. Similarly, most wheelchair accessible vans are equipped to lock wheelchairs into place in the back of the vehicle, thus no transfer is necessary. All of this saves considerable time, in addition to making it easier on you physically.

Freedom of Movement Benefits

One of the most frustrating things for anyone confined to a wheelchair may be that there can be a lack of freedom. If you have a vehicle that isn't properly equipped for wheelchairs, you may occasionally use it to get places. However, you may avoid using the vehicle as much as you would like because it's simply so much trouble to get in and go.

Naturally, this can make you feel like you're less than free. When you have a wheelchair equipped van, it makes it much easier to go anywhere and everywhere whenever you need to. Beyond a doubt, this can make you feel far more free than you ever did with your old vehicle! Talk to local providers, such as Alaska Mobility, today.