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What You Should Know About Electric Wheelchairs

When you find yourself at the point where your mobility is limited, you begin to wonder what your options are for mobility assistance. One of the most popular mobility assistance devices available today is the electric wheelchair. While you may think that you can get by using just a standard push wheelchair, you should get to know some of the important facts about mobility limitations and electric wheelchairs to determine whether or not an electric wheelchair is the right choice for you and your mobility needs. Then, you can make an informed and educated decision about your mobility troubles. 

Your Physical Or Occupational Therapist Will Help You Decide

If you are feeling unsure about whether or not an electric wheelchair is the right choice for you, you will want to consult with the experts. Aside from you, nobody understands your mobility issues and limitations better than your physical therapist and/or your occupational therapist. 

So, when you are trying to decide what type of medical equipment to purchase to help you out, they are the people to ask. They will not only be able to give you a recommendation about whether or not an electric wheelchair is right for you, but will also go over the different types of electric wheelchairs available to you. There are at least half a dozen types of powered wheelchairs that you will need to choose from if you choose to go that route. 

Insurance Will Usually Cover Part Of The Cost

Insurance companies can be tricky when it comes to durable medical equipment coverage. However, wheelchairs are one of the few things that are almost always covered (at least partially). The catch is, insurance will not likely pay for more than one wheelchair device whether it is standard or powered.

So, before you commit to any mobility devices, contact your insurance company and ask about your coverage. As long as you have not already used your insurance coverage for another wheelchair and can prove that the device is medically necessary, insurance will likely cover a substantial portion of the cost of the electric wheelchair. 

Electric Wheelchairs Do Not Have To Be Bulky

Many of your trepidations about electric wheelchairs may be due to your fear that the wheelchair will be bulky and difficult to maneuver. However, as technologies grow and change and manufacturers are putting these innovations to use, the bulkiness of the electric wheelchair is rapidly decreasing.

There are models available that are lightweight and slender-framed to allow you to navigate your home, store aisles and other potentially narrow spaces more easily. So, if maneuverability and bulkiness are an issue for you, do not worry. There are options available for you and your needs.

Now that you know more about electric wheelchairs and general mobility assistance, you can make the best decision for you about electric wheelchairs. So, consider your options carefully by checking out providers like Jay Hatfield Mobility, and don't forget to consult with your medical team to help make your choice of mobility assistance device.