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Selecting The Perfect Lift Chair To Fit Your Lifestyle

If you are thinking about purchasing a lift chair to help you with the tasks of getting in and out of a seat comfortably and easily, there are a few points to consider when making your choice. Lift chairs come with a few differences, so knowing what you will be using the chair for will make an impact on the type of chair that will suit your lifestyle. Here are some of the questions you will need to think about when making your lift chair selection.

What Will The Main Use Be?

Will you be using your lift chair to sit for long periods of time or are you more interested in using it to sleep in? If you will be using your bed to sleep, then you will want a chair with a larger range of motion. Lift chairs come in two-position, three-position and infinite position settings. 

A two-position setting is for someone who is using the chair for sitting. The positions are the seated position and a reclining position. The chair can be adjusted to be set anywhere between these two positions. A three-position chair will recline back so you can lie down. An infinite position chair goes all the way back as far as you wish. For sleeping you will want a three-position or infinite position lift chair.

How Much Room Will You Need?

If you are large in stature you will want to buy a lift chair with ample room in the seating area. Do not skimp on the width, as trying to squeeze yourself into a chair that is not big enough is not comfortable. If you are heavy, make sure the chair you select does not have a low weight restriction. Lift chairs need extra stability to handle more weight, so ask the salesperson helping you to guide you into the right direction for chairs with extra strength in the seating area. 

If you plan on holding a pet in your chair, you will want to make sure there is extra room included in the width for their own spot. Take this into consideration when deciding on the width of your lift chair. If you have a chair at home that you sit in with your pet comfortably, measure the seating area to use as a guideline in buying your new lift chair.

Does Your Chair Need Special Fabric?

If you plan on eating and drinking in your chair, you will need to have special fabric used to repel any spills so they do not ruin the mechanisms that do the lifting. If incontinence is an issue, protect the chair's material by using special pads especially made for this condition. You will still want material that repels stains. Tell your salesperson about these issues so they will be able to order you a chair with special fabric that handles these situations.

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