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Dental Supplies You Should Always Buy In Bulk To Save Money

A dental practice should always be well-stocked with the common supplies that are used on a daily basis, such as regular hygiene products (toothbrushes, floss, etc), surgical masks, protective gloves, and sanitation products. While many items can be purchased as they are needed, others are much cheaper when they are purchased in bulk, saving your dental practice a lot of money in the process and giving you a great discount for your large purchase. Here are some dental supplies you should always buy in bulk so you can get a discount on top of quality items.

Client take-home hygiene products

Your practice should send clients home with a collection of oral care products, such as mini toothpaste containers, dental floss (or floss picks), mouthwash, and even toothbrushes. Since these items are often available in miniature sizes, they can be purchased in large quantities so you always have an oral hygiene kit at the ready for kids and adults alike. A dental supplies wholesaler should be able to sell you these quality items in your favorite brands at a price point you can appreciate. Consider doing one or two large purchases of hygiene kits a year so you can buy as much as possible at once and save even more money. Don't forget to buy small bags to put these kits in, which you can also get from your wholesaler.

Exam room items

Sheets of protective paper for your dental chairs, surgical gloves and masks, and plastic bag caps for dental tools are all items you will want to keep on-hand for every exam. You will want to turn to a medical equipment supplier or wholesaler for these items so you can make sure you are purchasing supplies that are made of quality, medical-grade materials that are safe to use. When purchasing exam room items in bulk, consider the shelf life of gloves and other items to ensure you buy enough to last, but not so much that you may have to throw out 'expired' or older supplies that haven't been used yet.

Discount dental supplies can be purchased from a medical supplier or a specialized wholesaler, and you can contract with either one to make large inventory purchases a few times a year for deeper savings. The more you purchase from the same supplier, the more loyalty discounts you may receive, saving you even more money on the quality dental supplies you use every day in your practice. For more information, contact companies like GPS Dental Products.